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Company introduction

Company introduction
    Euro 2024 Schedule is the research and development of the secondary equipment and system of electric power (XD) and the United States General Electric (GE) joint venture、Manufacturing、Marketing and service joint venture。Western Power GM's advanced technology completely absorbs the GE power grid solution,From power generation to electricity,From planning to use,Provide high -quality digital protection for users in China、Digital table meter、Industrial communication and other power automation equipment and systems,is one、Intelligent fusion design of the secondary equipment、Manufacturing、Provide excellent solutions,Realize new energy、New breakthroughs in areas such as improvement of micro -nets and electric energy quality。
    West Power GM Power Headquarters is located in Xi'an,Occantly 18,150 square meters,It is expected that the annual production capacity will reach 15,000 sets。
Company Vision
    First -class power automation system, trusting partners
Company Vision Interpretation
    Innovation of Innovation  System complete set  Priority of quality  The world -class
    Excellent power automation products and service providers
    With the leading power automation products as the power system to escort
    Customer trust,Competitive,Leading technology,international power automation system partner
AJV core values
 Focus on customers
    Focus on meeting customer needs,Customer is the core of every working link,Fully understand customer needs,Quick response,Create value for customers,Winning customers as the sole judgment standard。
    People -oriented
    Respect、Care、Rely on employees,Provide employees with sufficient development space。
    Active active,Fighting forgiving,Professional efficiency,Create value for the company。
    Innovative cooperation
    Innovation is the driving force for enterprise development,Continuous improvement,Courage to change,Dare to bear risk。
    Cooperation is the cornerstone of enterprise development,Unity and consistency,tolerance and mutual assistance,Dare to take responsibility。
    Integrity and win -win
    Integrity is the first standard,Seeking truth and pragmatic,Word must believe,,Loyal Enterprise、Keep society。
     Win -win is the fundamental goal,Implementing customers,Shareholders,Joint development of employees,Disable Sharing。


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Xi'an Headquarters

  • Address: Economic Development Zone, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province
  • No. 101, Fengcheng Sixth Road
  • Service Hotline: 400 860 1152
    Tel of private enterprise Qingfei Tel: 029-88347583
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