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Compliance policy

"Relationship with the Supplier"        

    The relationship between the company and the supplier must be based on legal、Effective、Based on the fair transaction。Euro 2024 expects the supplier of the Euro 2024 to comply with the law,Treat employees fairly,Provide a safe and healthy working environment and protect the environment。The guidelines of the company below help ensure that the relationship between EURO 2024 and suppliers will not have adverse effects on the company's reputation。

How to do it
• Comply with relevant laws and government regulations on the relationship between the relationship with suppliers。
• Only follow the local laws and other laws and regulations, as well as the company's related workers、Environmental Protection、Suppliers of the Conductance of Health and Safety Conducts to cooperate。
• When purchasing materials or providing services in the execution of government departments,,Following the government's regulations on procurement。
• Provide competition opportunities for suppliers,Make it win the company's purchasing share,Including small enterprises and poor people、Ethical ethnic group、Enterprises owned by women and disabled veterans。
• By signing a confidential agreement to ensure the security of the company's confidentiality and proper information,and protect the information security provided by the supplier in accordance with the confidentiality agreement。
• Protect the "personal information" obtained from the supplier.

"International Trade Control"

    The International Trade Control Law affects cross -border items transportation、Service and Technology。These laws are suitable for many aspects of the company's business operation -not just the transportation of goods。Cross -border information exchange is controlled by the Trade Law。The company must comply with all applicable trade management laws,Including China and the United States' trade management laws。

How to do it
• If the company’s business involves goods、Technology、Software、Import and export of service and financial transactions,Please follow the company's related procedures。
• Report all relevant information to ensure the accurate and complete of the import statement。Make sure the company or agent provides accurate and complete information to the government authority。
• Check out export products before export、The export category of software or technology to ensure whether special authorization is needed。
• Carefully check the transaction compared with the applicable regulations。Some regulations for certain transactions in specific countries、End users have restrictions or sanctions。
• Resistance or restricted trade activities of the applicable law or punishment,No cooperation with it。
"Preventing Money Laundering"

    Participate in criminal activities (such as terrorist activities、Drug trafficking、Bringing、Fraud),All will try to cover the facts through "money laundering" or use other means to make their behavior look legalized。More than a hundred countries have made legal stipulation for money laundering transactions,Strictly prohibit transactions involving such illegal acts in business activities。
    The company promises to fully abide by all anti -money laundering laws globally。The company only has good customers in the legal field,Use the funds obtained by legal sources to carry out business。The company will implement a risk -based "understanding your customer" due diligence,To determine suspicious risks,so that employees can take reasonable measures to prevent and detect unacceptable and suspicious payment forms。If you cannot check the customer relationship and transactions in time, the company will put the company in a very dangerous situation,and seriously damage the company's integrity and reputation。

How to do it
• Follow all the laws that prohibit money laundering and require reporting cash or suspicious transactions。Correctly understand how these laws are applicable to your business。
• The principle of "understand your customer/supplier" in accordance with your business field。Collect information to understand big customers、Agent、and business partners to ensure that they are engaged in legal business,Their funds are from legal channels。
• Comply with the rules under the principle of accepting legitimate form of interests。Understanding the type of improper payment involved in money laundering transactions (such as multiple drafts、Travel check、or checks in the name of unknown third party, etc.)。
• If you find suspicious signs of money laundering,Please propose to the company's anti -money laundering specialist or legal consultant and ensure that effective measures to dispel your concerns before continuing the transaction。Make sure the solution is well recorded in the case。
"Observing the Competition Law"
Competitive Law and Anti -Monopoly:
• Forbidden to reach an agreement or consensus that is damaged with competitors with competitors
• The behavior of a large company with a competitive advantage
• In order to prevent large -scale reduction of competition transactions,For merge、Acquisition or other nature of business behavior,Requires the evaluation in advance,Some cases should be prohibited from some cases。
These laws are more complicated and are applicable globally,The way that may be used in different circumstances is also different。The company has developed a specific guideline,For example, contact with competitors、Get and process competitor information、Participate in Trade and Industry Association、Participate in setting standards and authentication products, etc.。In addition,The most important point is,In the process of developing new business,If there is an uncertain situation in legal application,Letting legal consultants participate early。
How to do it
• Comply with all applicable competition methods and rules and regulations,Agreement on an agreement on business operations in business operations reached an agreement with any competitors.、Regulations, etc.。
• Understand and understand the company's policies and procedures for the entire business operation,If you have any questions or views,Please put forward it to EURO 2024 and compliance and legal channels。
• Do not reach an agreement with the company's competitors in any aspect-whether it is clear or vague,The official is still informal,The verbal is still written。Do not discuss the following questions with representatives of competitors or competitors:
                          • Price
                          • Bidding
                          • The distribution of sales areas, customers or production lines
                          • sales terms and conditions
                          • Production, sales capabilities and sales volume
                          • cost, income or profit
                          • Marketing
                          • Products or services provided
                          • Classification of customers or suppliers
                          • Distribution channel
• If you know that the bid is not for the purpose of obtaining business,Do not have anyone (including competitors、Agent、Broker、or customer) Regarding whether the bidding or the terms of the bidding are reached。
• Avoid any contact with the possibility of reaching an agreement with any competitors。
• It is strictly forbidden to propose to the customer or sign with the customer (which can cause the customer to re -sell or rent the product or service) to restrict the price terms or other clauses。
• It is strictly forbidden to propose to the supplier or sign with the supplier (which can cause the company to re -sell or lease products and services to third parties)。
• Consultation company legal consultant to reduce any maybe because of underestimation of the company's merger、Buy、The risk of violating the competition law brought by the joint venture or other commercial behaviors。
"Improper Payment"
• In any case,Unexplained payment for benefits cannot be accepted,Otherwise, it may make yourself and the company face criminal lawsuits。In all business behaviors of countries around the world and the government or private sector,The company clearly prohibits improper payment。
• Improper payment should not be confused with the following items: reasonable and gift within a certain amount,Business entertainment fee directly related to product promotion or contract execution、Customer travel and accommodation costs。These costs,Under the premise of complying with the company's business behavior standard,Is an allowable。
How to do it
• Gift gifts to customers、Arrange customer entertainment activities or reimburse the customer travel fee,Make sure you understand the applicable legal requirements、The customer's own regulations and the company’s business codes。
• Make sure that the records of these costs truly reflect the facts。Do not provide commercial gifts in the case of inappropriate circumstances,Ru Gift、Donation or entertainment。
• Do not provide government officials or customers for obtaining unfair interests、Promise or authorized items (such as money、Commodity or service)。
• Do not provide government officials or employees with any gifts or pay any other funds,process of accelerating daily administrative affairs。
• Requires any individual or company representing the company (consultant、Agent、Sales Representative、Distributors or contractors) must observe this provision and related laws。
• When choosing a personal or company of the company,Do a due diligence based on your company's procedures。

In your job or spare time,Nothing you do should not conflict with your responsibility to the company。Another,No matter what you do at work or at home, you cannot have the company's good reputation and reputation。Abuse of the company's resources and influence is also prohibited。Even if it is not intentional,Abuse of the company's resources and influence is also prohibited。Consider the impact that your approach may bring,and avoid conflicts caused by improper benefits.。

How to do it
• Actively disclose all jobs that your existing or may cause conflict、Financial interests、or relationship。
• Maintain a good judgment in all individuals or business activities in the company's work。
• Avoid behaviors and relationships that may cause conflict with your work or company interests。
• No company's resources for the purpose of personal interests、Intellectual property、Time or facilities -including office equipment、Email and computer applications。
• Do not use opportunities involving company interests、Use the company's position、Information or assets for personal profit。
• When you are still working for the company's work, you get the job opportunity of the supervisor or director of other companies,Please ask for approval before accepting work。
• When you accept a "non -profit" nature of board positions,Especially when the organization is related to the company or may expect the company to provide financial or other aspects of sponsorship,Please get the approval of your manager first。

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