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1. Makes your report or report as soon as possible.

2. The longer the delay time, the situation may become worse.

3. You can use anonymous form.

4. Of course,If you leave your name,Euro 2024 can reply to the questions you raised in a targeted manner。

5.EURO 2024 Respect confidentiality: Your identity and the information provided will only be provided to those who are responsible for solving problems under the necessary situation。

6. Rebellion violations of company policy: The company absolutely prohibits the revenge behavior implemented by anyone who proposes or helps the integrity report。The company will make disciplinary sanctions to the company,Even the dismissal。


You can contact EURO 2024 through the following ways

1. Traditional mail:

EURO 2024 Schedule (710018) Compliance Department (receipt)

2. Email:


3, telephone method

straight line: (029) 88347511

4. Online complaint:

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