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West Power GM Electric Customer Experience Center is officially completed!

XDGE CUSTOMER Experience Center
Customer Experience Center

    Euro 2024 Schedule Customer Experience Center, October & Middot; 10 officially completed。Experience Center aims to display the overall hair of Western Power GM、Lost、Patching、Use an electrical solution,Bring a comprehensive understanding of security and reliability to customers。
    Interactive design concept runs through the beginning and end。Power Generation,Transmission,Power distribution,Electricity and Engineering Application Exhibition Area shows customers the supply capacity and engineering practice experience of Western Power GM's supply in the power field。
    Transparent exhibition box in the 3D interactive experience area of ​​the product,Through 3D interactive video,shows the latest products of West Power GM for the visitors。Function introduction and internal structure display,Help visitors quickly understand the advantages and characteristics of new products。
    Sample machine practical exhibition area,Visitors can personally participate in the product application experience。

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