EPM9200 -Electric Energy Quality Monitoring Device

Basic features

& gt; Measurement and measurement

& middot; High -precision full -power measurement,Including two methods: basic measurement and high -speed measurement,Make sure the real -time measurement of the data

& middot; 0.2S level high -precision electric energy measurement,Two sets of independent time -sharing measurement schemes can be switched,Storage for 12 months of time historical power,Historical data with the most valuable amount required

& middot; 65535 incremental electricity records,Easy to analyze energy consumption data

& middot; 2 Light Electric Pulse Output,2 DO,Can be set as electrical pulse output

& gt; Record

& middot; Event records: Monitoring events and operation logs can be recorded 1024,Limited to the right、temporary state disturbance、Instant disturbance、Switch volume change position、impact current、Signal voltage and other events to record,and count the count,Statistically the number of various events

& middot; waveform records: 128, up to 1024 points/weekly

& middot; disturbance records: 128 items,Records can contain at least one complete fault process

& middot; Statistical timing record: 4 groups of statistical regular records can record up to 256 parameters

& gt;Required function

& middot; real -time demand、Predictive demand,Two calculation methods of sliding requirement/synchronization requirement,Help users analyze,Control cost

& middot;

& gt; Attack

& Middot; Software to support SNTP network -to -Modbus communication when time -supporting SNTP networks

& middot; Hardware pairs support Irig-B when it supports Irig-B、GPS Hardware Pulse pairs

& gt; Monitoring

& middot; Levited monitoring: 40 groups of more than parameters,24 sets of standards Levited monitoring and 16 groups of high -speed higher -speed monitoring

& middot; Character detection: voltage、current variable detection,Used to monitor voltage、Parameter mutation failure alarm during current running

& gt; Simulation head

& middot; have high sampling rate and powerful calculation and storage capabilities,With the large LCD display,Comprehensive simulation table and digital table advantages,Convenient to accurately grasp the changes in current and voltage

& gt; Enter output

& middot;,Internal with 24VDC power supply

& middot; 4 Lu Ji Electric Output RO

& middot; 2 digital output do

& gt; Storage

& middot; 2G memory; save waveform records、Time record、Electric Energy Bill Record、EN50160 records, etc.,can be stored as comtrade or PQDIF format

& gt; Communication

& middot; 2 RS-485 interfaces (P1 port、P2 port),Support the MODBUS Period

& middot; 1 Ethernet interface P3, Support Modbus TCP、MODBUS RTU、IEC-61850

& middot; Support web access; support SMTP protocol,Compatible ESMTP,Password Log in to the mailbox; Ethernet Gateway,can be used as a small communicationManagement machine

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