EPM9100 -Electric Energy Quality Monitor


Basic features

& gt; Measurement and measurement

& middot; High -precision full -power measurement,Including two methods: basic measurement and high -speed measurement,Make sure the real -time measurement of the data

& middot; 0.2S level high -precision electric energy measurement,and have time -sharing billing functions

& middot; 65535 incremental electricity records,Easy to analyze energy consumption data

& gt; Record

& middot; Event records: Monitoring events and operation logs can be recorded 512,Limited to the right、Switching quantity variable position、Poly -shaped trigger、Self -diagnosis and other events to record

& middot; Polka records: 2 groups,128 records in each group

& middot; timing record: 12 groups of standard timing records,4 groups of high -speed timing records

& middot; PQ event record 512 items

& gt; Required function

& middot; real -time demand、Predictive demand,Demand for sliding/Synchronous requirement,Help users analyze,Control cost

& middot;

& gt; The most valuable record

& middot; voltage、current、power、Real -time data such as power factor,Unbalance、THD, etc.

& middot; the maximum minimum value of the month and the maximum value last month

& gt; Monitoring

& middot; Levited monitoring: 16 sets of standards Levited monitoring and 8 groups of high -speed limit monitoring,Support 6 groups of combination logic,Erectional threshold and delay can be set

& middot; Multiple trigger parameters: real -time data、Harmony distortion、Switching quantity variable position, etc.

& gt; Enter output

& middot; 6 switch input,24v Increase

& middot; 3 Lu Ji Electric Output Do

& middot; Optional 1 simulation input

& gt; Storage

& middot; 1GB memory; save waveform records、Time record、Electric energy bill records, etc.

& gt; Communication

& middot; 1 RS-485 interface,Support the MODBUS Period

& middot; 1 Ethernet interface, Support Modbus TCP、MODBUS RTU Period

& middot; Support web access

& middot; Support SMTP protocol,Compatible ESMTP,Password Log in to the mailbox

& middot; Ethernet Gateway,can be used as a small communication management machine

& gt; Bai Time

& Middot; Software to support SNTP network time -to -Modbus communication when supporting SNTP network

& middot; Hardware pairs support GPS hardware pulse pairs

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