E650 — Comprehensive protection and control device


Main features:

• Have current、voltage、Frequency、Power and other protection functions,and the proprietary protection function of the motor、Switch volume protection

• With rich surveillance and measurement function,Monitoring can be monitored to the circuit breaker loss status

• Provide typical configuration,Implementing high efficiency and simplicity,You can also meet flexible custom needs through comprehensive logical programming functions

• You can implement inter -devices communication and data sharing through Goose,Reduce cable wiring,Combined with logic programming functions to realize the expansion function of the station domain

• Support programmable display, 8 indicator lamp tag customs

• Support event records、Fault Record Wave、Electric starting report、High sampling rate waveform records, etc.,Can display fault recording waves and start report waveforms

• Compact structure, convenient installation, can run in a harsh environment

Suitable for comprehensive protection and control device for comprehensive protection and control device for medium and high voltage voltage levels,With rich and comprehensive protection functions,Can be used for feedback、asynchronous motor、Power distribution transformer、Capacitor、Bare segments and backup protection of various electrical equipment

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